Road Subsidence Works, Sussex

Photo of concrete road repairs

When it comes to civil engineering projects, a key consideration is always how to achieve the most cost-effective solution to suit the client’s budget.

In this case, we were instructed to investigate a concrete, residential estate road from the 1950’s which had fallen into disrepair and partially collapsed. As the road was privately owned by the Residents’ Association, we were keen to put forward a practical and cost-effective remedial solution, rather than one that involved wholescale replacement of the road.

Following an initial investigation, it became clear that the road had not been maintained to the same standard as a public highway and had settled due to consolidation of the backfill material over the foul and surface water drain runs.

In the first instance, we provided advice to the Residents’ Association on likely cause and recommended the best means of repair. As there was some construction expertise amongst the residents, we then produced a combined service plan and generalised repair specifications to allow them to manage the repairs themselves.

The first tranche of repairs in the two worst affected areas (Northeast and Northwest corners), involving replacement of cracked and sunken sections of concrete paving on a new sub-base have already been successfully carried out by West Sussex-based civil engineering company Edburton Contractors Ltd and the residents were very pleased with the results.


Concrete Road Repair Gallery


Our structural services for this restoration project included:

  • Structural Defects Analysis
  • Structural Reporting
  • Structural Calculations
  • Generic repair details and specifications
  • Ongoing advice during the works


Do you require a cost-effective solution for a structural issue?

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