Fox Primary School extension

Fox primary School excavation

Work is underway on the expansion of the Fox Primary School in Kensington. The new extension, which has been commissioned by the Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea, will provide an extra 105 much-needed places at this popular school in Central London.

As works are being undertaken at a complex site within a residential area – and in a live school environment – the Fox Primary project requires sensitive handling.

Sited adjacent to a former water reservoir, the existing school building is being extended to the west onto what was an unusable embankment.

Fox Primary sheet pilingHow to excavate the embankment and site boundaries without affecting the structural integrity of the surrounding buildings has been a key challenge for the engineering and construction teams. As this latest site photo shows, the boundaries have now been successfully supported with sheet piling, enabling construction to get underway in earnest.

Extension of the school will provide a range of new facilities, including a full school assembly hall, kitchen and serving area, drama studio, classrooms with direct access to outdoor space, a new teacher training centre and external teaching terraces. This multi-million pound project also includes full refurbishment of the existing school.

The Fox Primary extension is programmed for completion in readiness for the new school intake in September 2016.

Image credit: Galliford Try