Homebase Christchurch opens

Homebase Christchurch exterior photo

Works at the Homebase retail unit at the Christchurch Retail Park in Dorset have been completed and the newly refurbished store has reopened for business.

This is one of two refurbishment projects we have recently undertaken for Litchford Consulting. Both have involved sub-dividing an existing Homebase retail unit to create two new units. At both sites, Homebase has continued operations from one of the new units, while the other unit is being developed as a new Lidl supermarket store.

The phased works at Christchurch Retail Park include installation of a new party wall and over roofing system, as well of reconfiguration of the existing drainage systems and remodelling of the front elevations. A 7,000 sq. ft. mezzanine floor has been installed in the Homebase unit, and an existing rear canopy was been modified to accommodate a new 3,000 sq. ft. steel frame extension with mezzanine floor.

A feature of the structural engineering works has been the design of a new over roofing structure which will enable Lidl to meet its energy and sustainability targets. An initial analysis of the frame and purlins was undertaken to assess the implications of an additional load on the existing structure of the building.

Gyoury Self was appointed to provide structural and civil engineering across the refurbishment project. The main contractor is Faircloth Construction and project design is by RGP Architecture.

Work on the Lidl unit is still underway, and the new supermarket is due to open in the coming months.


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Image credits: Litchford Consulting