Photo of Acer Heights residential property
Photo of Acer Heights rear exterior

Image credits: Kempton Homes Southern Ltd

Project Description

Client: Kempton Homes Southern Ltd
Location: Purley, Surrey
Year Completed: 2021
Design and Build Contractor: Kempton Homes Southern Ltd
Architect: DPS Sussex Limited

Acer Heights was a design and build project to replace an existing house with a 3-storey new build block comprising nine high-quality apartments.

The building is primarily a timber-framed superstructure on a reinforced raft foundation. The feature balconies are cantilevered on steel framed structures.

Gyoury Self provided full structural and civil engineering services across the project.

The Challenges

Part of the works involved excavation of the area of the existing house to provide a formation some 1.8m below existing levels and retaining walls were therefore required along the boundary.

As it is a sloping site, retaining walls are stepped and these have been constructed with a reinforced concrete base and the stem in Stepoc blocks. This cost-effective solution removes the need for shuttering and reduces the amount of concrete to be poured on site.

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