BIMsight model for Islington Square
Islington Square - aerial artists impression

Image Credits: Sager Group, Conder Allslade

Project Description

Project: Islington Square
Client: Conder Allslade
Location: Islington, London
Value: £400m
Architect: CZWG
Principal Structural Engineer: Michael Baigent Orla Kelly
Principal Contractor: Galliard Construction

Major redevelopment project centred in and around the former Royal Mail North London sorting office in the heart of Islington. Taking its inspiration from Covent Garden, the regeneration plan provides mixed residential housing and commercial spaces, including leisure facilities, a retail mall and theatre rehearsal areas.

Working in collaboration with the principal structural design engineer, the Gyoury Self Fareham team provided complex connection designs for the 725 tonnes of steel used to retrofit the 6-storey, Edwardian-built building. The frame, utilising fabricated beams and a standalone moment frame at the roof level, will primarily house retail and commercial units. 

The Challenges

A philosophy for the connection designs was established early on that ensured ease of installation within the existing building.

Numerical modelling software, BIM and hand calculations were all utilised to produce workable, flexible solutions suitable for the ongoing development of the project.

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