Hoe Valley Project Update

Pre-cast floor slabs being placed

Progress is being made onsite at the Hoe Valley School and Community Sports Facilities project in Woking, Surrey. 

Pre-cast concrete floor slabs in situGyoury Self is providing all structural and civil engineering designs, including the Section 278 Highway alterations and Section 104 adoptable foul drainage.

The main steel frame structures for the new school building and sports facilities are currently under construction. The pre-cast concrete floor slabs, which were custom-made by Acteson & Glover, are being placed, along with the profiled structural roof deck and Metsec cladding support framing. Once these elements are complete, the first fix for the internal works will then be able to start.

The car park at the front of the site is currently under construction. The gap graded stone layer, which sits beneath the car park and acts as a storage ‘blanket’ for the surface water, has been substantially installed and is being overlaid with bitmac courses.

Highways works at the front of the site have also started, and these adjustments will ensure safe access for school students and visitors to the leisure facilities.

All design work on this extensive project is being generated in 3D within the BIM environment, with close collaboration between the various disciplines. Spatial and elemental coordination has been achieved through regular clash detection meetings and the use of our own model review procedures with Navisworks. Click to find out more about how we employ Building Information Modelling in our work.

Over the next two years, the 22-acre site will be transformed to provide a new secondary school, leisure centre and sports facilities. For more details about the project, visit our Hoe Valley School and Community Leisure Facilities news page.

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