Industrial Acoustic Enclosure, Sussex

Acoustic enclosure for metal work yard

Gyoury Self provided full structural and civil engineering services for a new open sided acoustic enclosure at the Austin Divall steel fabrication site in Ford, West Sussex.

We produced detailed designs for the new steel framed enclosure which Austin Divall fabricated on site at the Rudfield Industrial Estate. The enclosure adjoins their existing steel fabrication workshop and is designed to reduce the noise breakout to the adjacent residential properties.

This is the second round of works we have delivered for Austin Divall, as the site underwent significant redevelopment in 2009. On that occasion we provided structural and civil engineering designs for an extension to the original workshops which effectively doubled the size of the company’s steel working operations. The original expansion works included new office and painting facilities.

The latest works were undertaken alongside ECE Architecture and Pilbeam Construction.

Image credits: Austin Divall, Gyoury Self


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