Sealife Brighton ‘Day & Night’

Day and Night Opening Event

It was our great pleasure to attend the official preview of the new Day & Night ocean display at Sealife Brighton. The opening of this new attraction marks the end of a £4 million full site restoration scheme that has been ongoing since 2012.

The display features a huge tunnel for visitors to walk through, surrounded by sea creatures swimming all around them. Designed to give a 24-hour experience of the ocean, the journey starts in a daylight environment, before transitioning into a night time setting further along the tunnel.

The massive ocean tank contains 700,000 litres of water, which was transported to the aquarium from Hove Lagoon. A large viewing window is also available for visitors to get a framed view of the underwater seascape, which is now home to sea life ranging from Nurse Sharks and turtles to tropical fish, such as Sweetlips, Butterfly Fish and Clown Triggerfish.

The new ‘Day & Night’ display was officially opened to the public at the end of May and the display is the first of its kind in the UK.

Gyoury Self is proud to have provided structural engineering for all aspects of the extensive and complex restoration and refurbishment scheme at Sealife Brighton, which was programmed to be undertaken in four key phases spanning the past seven years.

Congratulations to Max Leviston and the Sealife Brighton team for successfully managing the delivery of this ambitious refurbishment which has transformed the world’s oldest operating aquarium into a state-of-the-art seafront attraction. It has been a pleasure to work with you!

To read about the full refurbishment scheme at SEA LIFE Brighton, click here.

For full details of our structural repairs and renovations services, visit our Structural Solutions page.

Image credits: Merlin Entertainments


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