Natural Fit Brighton & Hove opens

Photo of Natural Fit Brighton and Hove pool and spa

We are delighted to announce that the new Natural Fit Brighton and Hove wellness centre is now open.

Commissioned by holistic fitness and leisure company Natural Fit, the new wellness centre is sited within the former St. Agnes Church in Newtown Road, Hove. The contemporary conversion houses the centre’s bespoke gym, spa, fitness studios and health-inspired café facilities over three storeys.

Much of the original church exterior has been preserved, and the sympathetically-designed internal conversion takes advantage of the church’s great architecture. The original Gothic-style leaded light windows provide a unique setting and ambiance for a wellness centre.

Aside from the main facilities, the new centre offers massage and skin treatments, osteopathy, corrective exercise and other exercise including one-to-one sessions and group classes. This is in keeping with Natural Fit’s ethos which places an emphasis on a holistic approach to health and fitness.

One of the key project challenges was installation of the two-storey steel frame within the confines of the project’s historical church setting. This was addressed as part of the design process. Spider cranes were used as their compact size and heavy lifting power is ideal for construction tasks on constricted sites.

Kent Structures was the main contractor on this project and Gyoury Self was appointed to provide full structural and civil engineering services; including structural design of the steel frame. The steel frame was fabricated by Southfield Structural Services.

Natural Fit Brighton and Hove is one of two new facilities housed within interesting historic buildings that we have engineered for Kent Structures. The Natural Fit Tunbridge Wells facility is sited within a period bank building of architectural significance on Calverley Road, Tunbridge Wells.

Image credits: Natural Fit


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