Engineering Temporary Works Design

Experienced in Temporary Works Design, Gyoury Self provides engineering advice, design and supervisory services to clients and contractors across the UK.

Whatever the scope of your proposed project, we are able to deliver Temporary Works Design input in advance of construction or as part of the complete development scheme.

From the earliest stages of a proposed project, we work closely with the client to identify the scope of temporary works needed. We can then provide guidance and engineering input throughout the full project lifecycle – from tender through to completion. This systematic approach enables us to develop safe, compliant and cost-effective solutions for a wide range of temporary works projects.

When it comes to working with other design teams, we always take a collaborative approach and we are highly-experienced in delivering both permanent and temporary works projects within the BIM environment.

If you are interested in getting our Temporary Works Design expertise on board for a project, please contact us to talk with a member of our team.

Our temporary works design services include:

  • Working platform design
  • Haul road design
  • Site hoardings and signage
  • Trench sheeting and propping
  • Support for excavations
  • Tower crane foundation bases
  • Needling and propping
  • Lifting beams
  • Temporary retaining structures
  • Checking of existing structures for applied loads during construction
  • Access shafts and headings
  • Swept path analysis for abnormal load transportation and delivery

Temporary Works Design Case Studies

Temporary Works at Lancaster Hotel

Lancaster Hotel, London

As part of a £75m refurbishment project, we provided temporary works design for a provisional ‘luxury standard’ entrance way, as well as connection designs for steel beams to replace reinforced concrete columns.

Temporary works at Eastbourne Arndale Centre

Arndale Centre, Eastbourne

We checked existing podium structure for support of a 72-ton mobile crane, provided temporary lateral support to a block work wall, and checked existing support for access scaffolding around the car park.

Browns Bar, Brighton

Brown's Bar, Brighton

During refurbishment works at Brown’s Bar in Brighton Lanes, East Sussex, we provided temporary support to the existing main masonry wall. Temporary Works included needling and propping of old masonry.

Do you need Temporary Works Design services for your next project?

We would be happy to discuss your project requirements with you – just call 01273 414413 to talk to one of our experienced Temporary Works Design engineers.