Photo of restored Regency balcony


PROJECT: Structural renovation of listed buildings

LOCATION: Grand Parade, Brighton & Hove

SURVEYOR: Coppard Giles

RESTORATION WORKS: Deacons Building Services Ltd


Balcony and Bay Restorations

Gyoury Self has provided professionally engineered solutions for structural repair and restoration projects on numerous residential properties across the South East. We are often called upon to provide structural reporting and engineering input on historic buildings and period properties in the local area and one of the common issues we are asked to address is balcony and bay deterioration.

We recently acted as Consulting Structural Engineers, providing detailed calculations and designs for the reconstruction works of two distinctive heritage properties overlooking the Old Steine in Central Brighton. Both are Grade II Listed terrace houses where full restoration work was required the front bay and balcony.

The first property had experienced movement of the front bay, balustrade and canopy due to deterioration and inadequate structural support. Various options were explored to try to save the existing elements, but it was eventually agreed that the safest and most cost effective option was to completely reconstruct the whole bay.

The main challenge was that the original four storey bay was supported off of cantilevering timber joists at ground floor level that were excessively overstressed and could not be reused.

The new bay was therefore supported on new steel beams, cantilevering out at ground floor level and then tied securely back to the upper floors and main front wall, all the way up the building.

In the second property, the original segmental bay, which rises through all storeys of the property, was in poor condition and had moved significantly due to the weight of the first floor stone balcony and cast iron balustrade it supported.

The new works involved installation of a small but complicated galvanised steel frame between ground and first floors, with beams cantilevering out, at ground floor level over the front well, to provide support to the replacement stone slab balcony.

Our structural services for these restoration project included:

  • Structural Defects Analysis
  • Structural Reporting
  • Structural Calculations
  • Detailed Designs
  • Schedule of Structural Works

Restoration Gallery

Images taken during and after restoration and refurbishment works. Click images to enlarge.

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Image credits: Coppard Giles